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A Landmark Education graduate!

Gregory Sain has extensive experience in motivational speaking, social service programs and educational support services. He is currently a School Climate/Principal Support Specialist to the Chicago Board of Education. Mr. Sain is called regularly for his unique ability in public speaking. Gregory Sain brings 20 years of valuable experience in direct services for youth through community based organizations. Sain’s ability to raise the awareness and self-esteem level among elementary and high school students has awarded him much deserved praise and recognition.

Prior to his position with Chicago Board of Education, Sain worked for several years with the Chicago Urban League as coordinator facilitator of the widely recognized Male Responsibility Program which has received national and local recognition for his proven success in Chicago elementary schools. The goals and objectives of the Male Responsibility Program were to assist young males in becoming better decision makers, relative to peer pressure and human sexuality.

Sain’s successful involvement with mentoring stemmed from his position as mentor/coordinator for Village Investment Program, (V.I.P.) one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country. Village Investment Program was a mentoring program that focused on providing leadership and guidance to children in the child welfare system. Their mission was to provide leadership and positive role modeling to children. Sain worked diligently with this program as he helped children acquire the skills necessary to prepare them for the changes they would face after leaving the child welfare programs. V.I.P. is yet another one of the many mentoring agencies that Sain is proud to have been associated with in his career.

Sain has dedicated 20 years of his life motivating, encouraging and teaching others how to live responsibly. He has raised awareness among children, inmates at Cook County Jail awaiting trial, convicted felons, and anyone who may be in need of assistance and guidance. Sain has been featured on prime time news specials, talk shows, radio shows, cable television network forums and a variety of other mediums. He has given commencement speeches at elementary and high school graduations, and is often asked to be the keynote speaker. He has been called a workshop presenter, keynote speaker and master of ceremonies for a variety of community, civic academic and professional organizations. His speaking is clear, concise and effectively organized, leaving the audience with specific strategies for developing solutions to a variety of problems and issues.

Sain was talk show host of WVON 1690's hottest weekend radio show in Chicago. Sain was recently presented the Lifetime Commitment to Mentoring Community and Cultural Development award at the African American Male Empowerment Summit, where he served as Regional Director. He also received the Appreciation Award for Wisdom & Encouragement in February of 2001, which was presented to him by the Federal Aviation Administration. Currently Sain continues to be called on for commencement speaking engagements, keynote addresses and many workshop topics. 


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